In case you did not know, there is a constant debate between building block kits and other natural toys against online games. The activities proposed by the majority of online games respond to old stereotypes: a girl whose medium-term goal is to get a manicure and carry the most fashionable clothes, as well as helping her mother with the housework. The toys are on the table what is succeeding socially. They are a picture, and changing the picture does not change reality.

Lives in 3D just for girls

In the last two years toys catalogs Kings have increased the supply of virtual worlds “feminine.” There is even a kind of portable console that communicates with other devices via infrared. The user has to clean the virtual home and be popular with his friends to gain points. A Barbie-shaped 스 마 일 토 토 USB gives you access to a world pink – literally where there are many shopping centers and barbershops. Why not finding cute pink building block models? Girls will love them!

Hello kitty is another example. After all the merchandise displayed, Hello Kitty lacked only have a virtual world, though it is in evidence. The aesthetic follows the traditional wooden kitty.

Stages of Play

Each age requires a specific game and helps identify and choose the gift should not skip stages. Knowing the right gift for Christmas will do! When children are young, they predominantly need sensory and motor games. You can use soft cushions, mobiles, soft toys and hairless. Later, large stuffed animals and toys with sound and movement. From 1 to 2 years, imitation games like through a building block begin, together with construction. Rag dolls or soft plastic, vehicles and garages simple or hard plastic lace and large are recommended. Symbolic play appears. Cooking, ironing, garages, crib or stroller dolls begin to use. Also wax or paint pens, puzzles and construction of large parts.

As they grow, they continue with the symbolic, they mimic the domestic and professional life. Bicycles, skates or water games are gaining strength, is well underway within the motor skills. Symbolic games and engines are more complex and are the sets of rules (language, numbers, strategy and sports). Then, they move onto the age of mannequin dolls, remote control cars, complex puzzles and video games.

Sports and didactic games are a good idea. Girls prefer games of strategy and social simulation, and they love every building block kit. Find the top recommendations and compare development with a gender perspective.

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